Monday, November 17, 2008

321 Blast from the past

November 2002
Miserable and pregnant with twins.
One of the only pictures I ever took of being pregnant.
Boy, do I regret not taking more! Damn hormones!!!!


João Esteves said...

Hormones may become a nighmare to anyone, and females seem to be more strikingly affected, you know, but I think you dont look that unhappy during pregnancy. You regret not to have taken more snapshots of yourself during that period of time yourself.
By the way, I write a blog in English. You'll be pretty welcome there with any sorts of comments and stuff you feel like shoving in.
In case you do so I will always return your visits, in a dialogue which would have been started right now. From Brazil, my best compliments.

Anonymous said...

I love pregnant pictures!!! I can't get enough of them. YOu look great!!!

crazylady said...

well I guess I have something to be grateful for... that looks, somewhat uncomfortable...Not that I recommend the way I did it. Three YEARS in menopause on controlled hormones, given my injections several times a day. I was a real pleasure to be around.
Glad your duo made it to the 'other' side. :)