Monday, October 26, 2009

10/25 Pumpkin time

Yikes...Halloween is less than a week away!
The girls both designed their pumpkin faces while Mommy carved them out.
I have a white pumpkin I am going to drill holes in. Ran out of time today.

10/24 Petting Zoo

Our Multiples club had a fun party at a local farm and petting zoo.
The girls had a blast feeding the animals, playing and getting to ride a horse.

10/20 Green

I remembered to use my bags today!
Now if I could only remember to use them every time :)

10/17 Still swimming

We had record heat this weekend...the fam all but me got into grammy's pool one last time.
It was warm on the top...but cooler on the bottom...they had a great time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10/16 State Fair

Flat Stanley went to the fair with us...he got to see the clydesdales.

Little wallaby...cracks me up...all he wanted was to be free to hop.

Got thier faces this orange wall!

the midway

enjoying the rides.

10/15 Flat Stanley

and our guinea pig Daisy.

10/14 Spook-takular

The girls were so excited to decorate for Halloween today.
They totally love this spider web.

10/9 Bummer

Miss C's art class got cancelled for lack of enrollment.
Such a bummer because she was so happy to go every Thursday.

10/8 While...

My mom was in surgery today for a shoulder replacement...I waited outside in the prayer garden at the new B@nner G@tew@y Hospital.
It is beautiful and makes the hospital feel less industrial. My mom ended up staying in the hospital for 4 nights.

10/7 Dentist

Waiting to get her cavitiy filled.
Glad she was able to be relaxed and not too nervous!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

10/2 In tow

Watching dh's car get dropped off.
He is not sure if he can fix himself or not.

10/1 Visitor

They love to pet our neighbors cat.
He is a sweetie.

9/28 Sleepy?

When she took a nap volunatarily...I knew she was not feeling good.
When she woke up her temp was 104 degrees and burning up.
Poor sick baby.

9/27 Sweet

$1 fresh pineapple and it was so sweet!

9/26 Feeling good

So much fun to run fast down hill.

9/25 Clearing out

Loaded up and ready to sell at the twins club rummage sale tomorrow.

9/24 Art Masters

Miss C is taking an art class on Thursday nights.
She has wanted to take an art class for a while now.

9/22 Up close

Eye to eye with the lizards in the pediatrician's office.