Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12/31 Happy New Year

This year has been more of a struggle for me to do my daily photos. I cannot count how many times I missed. More than I did the other two years for sure.

I probably will continue with some type of daily photos...but am not going to continue posting them here on this blog.

Come check out my other blog here: www.2winsmom.blogspot.com

I will continue blogging there and adding my weekly highlight photos and other family stories.

Thanks to everyone who had stopped by read and commented. I have loved reading every one.

12/30 Art Museum

I must admit the girls were not on board to attend the Phoenix Art museum today. I really wanted to go and have had tickets since May to attend. So, off we went. Amazingly enough they did enjoy themselves and gave me 2 hours of art history bliss. I think it is so important for our girls to be exposed to fine arts and culture. Besides, they need to know that mom and dad do have other interests and passions too.

Family Portrait

Very cool paper sculpture...the other side is blues and greens.

The Firefly exhibit was the hit of the day.
They could have stayed in here looking at the lights the entire time.

Digital exhibit...this tree changes seasons.

Every changing color light show.

A quick picture at the end of the day...and then they wanted to run for a bit.

Monday, January 4, 2010

12/29 Fave ornaments

Flamingo...the newest addition to my bird ornament collection.

Miss C's school picture ornament

Miss C's handmade ornament

Miss A's school pic ornament

Miss A's handmade ornament.

12/28 No Pics

Went to the doctor...Miss A has an ear infection.
On Meds for 5 days.

12/27 Pajama Day

at Sunday school today.
They had a low key day and showed the kids a movie.

12/26 Visiting the cousins

Archery practice with daddy.

Riding the golf cart with thier cousin...he is only 2 months younger than A and C.

12/25 Merry Christmas

Opening their stockings...they got some cute little TY beanie baby hamsters.

Their most favorite gift by far!

Yes...we went to see the Squeakquel on Christmas morning.
I could not believe how many people were at the movies.
It was very different and fun for us.

12/24 Candlelight

We went to church with Grammy for Christmas Eve.
Miss A got to hold a candle during the service.
Miss C fell asleep during the service.

12/23 Christmas Lights

Checking out the lights in a neighborhood close by.
It was a busy night and packed with people!

12/23 Easy B@king

Thier Auntie gave them some Easy B@ke mixes for Christmas.
We pulled out the oven and made some pretzels today.

12/20 Christmas with Grammy

We had our family Christmas with my mom this weekend.
Here she is with all her grandkids.

12/18 Candy Houses

I was invited to the school today to help the girls make their little gingerbread houses.
Both girls had a blast as you can see from their houses.

12/17 Stockings

The girls new stockings this year.
I found them at the dollar store...yep...only $1.
The little intial pins came from Target.