Friday, November 7, 2008

311 TMI

If you are squeamish....LOOK AWAY!!!!!!
Day two...just took off the bandages.
The bruises are from the numbing shots.
I have to soak them for a week in white vinegar.


Anonymous said...

I hope they heal fast! they look painful! Foot surgeries are no fun.

crazylady said...

Oh thank heaven's I don't treat feet. :) that is icky!
It is mindblowing how painful all things related to feet are. So many nerve endings. I hope you have a hefty supply of analgesics. Ones that make you woozy. And make sure the family gets it goin' on, and takes care of all the cooking and cleaning.

your beloved nurse

Tammy said...

Vicki, all I can say is.....OUCH!!

Prayers for a speedy recovery and no more surgeries! (((HUGS)))