Sunday, April 12, 2009

102 Happy Easter

We had a lovely Easter Sunday. We went to church and helped in the elementary school sunday school classes with the egg hunt. They had 195 children in k-4th grade yesterday! About 45 more than usually attend.
After lunch we headed to the C Lake Marina to take a nature cruise.

The rock formations in the canyon are beautiful.
There is a Mtn Goat in the middle a bit to the left in this photo.

A and C wearing their life vests.
Good thing they were wearing shorts underneath!

Checking out the view and enjoying the awesome breeze off the water!


Marla Herrick said...

I used to live within minutes of C Lake and it is absolutely a majestic wonder in the middle of the desert. Perhaps one day, we can go there together and I can show you this super secret place with a waterfall! It's gorgeous!

Happy E-day!