Friday, March 27, 2009

86 Renewed

So if you don't know it yet...I like to keep our monthly bills to a minimum.
Besides the ones we already receive. **sigh**
So we use a pre-paid cell-phone provider.
I just renewed my service for another year and added 1000 minutes...
One year of service and 1000 minutes for a bit over $100!
The 1624 total should last me the entire year.
Another thing...I prefer email versus talking to you. ;)
Call me!


Marla Herrick said...

Don't know how you do it girlfriend! If I even leave my cell phone on the desk while I go to the bathroom, I start to get nervous.

Fortunately, my complany has offered to have it surgically attached to my hip :)

As long as they're paying the bill, I'll be talking. I have a blackberry so I never ever miss an e-mail, blog update or facebook profile change. Thank GOD for modern technology.

If only I could get my grandma on board. I can't even talk her into call waiting!