Tuesday, January 15, 2008

15:366 Cute T-Shirt

I did not buy this shirt today....I might have to go back tomorrow.


3 girls and a Mom said...

But your kids aren't trouble ????

Side by Side said...

Great point!

I think I will skip the purchase.


crazylady said...

sadly, I can't put my kids in an innocent shirt like that because monkey is slang for Asian. I had to pass on two adorable monkey outfits for Halloween, which I would have been A okay with , but per chance someone says that I'm sending the wrong message.. Yikes, psychology of it all. I LOVE the T shirt and would definitely put it on S&D if people weren't so uptight. And my kids get into plenty of trouble LOL.

Tammy said...

Oh, that's cute! Does it come in BLUE? ;) LOL Some days......*sigh*