Wednesday, December 5, 2007

338 Five Year Check ups

Miss A
height: 39 inches
weight 33 lbs
She is in the 10th percentile for both and has been there consistently since birth.

Miss C
height 42 inches, weight 36 lbs

40th percentile for height and 30th for weight. Very consistent for her too.

Only one shot today the Chicken Pox 2nd booster. I think we are completely done with vaccines for several years. So much more information is available now versus when they were born, I might have done things differently. Praise God they both are happy and healthy children.


crazylady said...

I just had S & D checked. Both 38 inches tall. S is 30lb and D lags at 29lb since the snotsuckers invaded her soul.
This at 2.5years. Should I be afraid of what year 5 holds? Your girls look so healthy!

Side by Side said...

Wow...your girls are tall.

My dh and I are not tall people so hence my petite girls. lol

I would be afraid...have you seen the prices of clothing once you are out of the T's? I have sticker shock!!!

crazylady said...

I shop second hand, and so what you think is sticker shock is MUCH lower for me. And I'm not talking second hand high end hoity toity consignment, I'm talking budget Goodwill.
Would you know it by looking at em?
Lie and say 'no'. I refuse to buy clothes for them that cost more than my own. And I'm cheap.

Side by Side said...

I knew I like you...a woman after my own heart.
You have to be persistent with Goodwill...but I have found great stuff.
You should check and see if you have a local twins club...worth it for the yearly garage sales. I get tons of great stuff at ours.

crazylady said...

I get lucky a lot. Okay that didn't come out quite right,but there must be some twin families with cash around my favorite Value Village who dump their goods regularly, because I always score twin sets of everything, in the next size up from mine (being 4T and 6 now).
I never know what to say when someone asks me where I bought something. Little white lies.
I only buy new underwear, shoes and party dresses for them. Everything else is used one way or the other.

Side by Side said...

Just have to awesome that is for you! I never found matching outfits and that is part of the reason I stopped dressing them alike.

I am totally with you on the shoes and undies. I did get the ruby slippers though...but they were very clean ;)

You know with my little girl shoe fetish and all ;). I glanced at boots today and kept on walking you would be proud!