Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12/30 Art Museum

I must admit the girls were not on board to attend the Phoenix Art museum today. I really wanted to go and have had tickets since May to attend. So, off we went. Amazingly enough they did enjoy themselves and gave me 2 hours of art history bliss. I think it is so important for our girls to be exposed to fine arts and culture. Besides, they need to know that mom and dad do have other interests and passions too.

Family Portrait

Very cool paper sculpture...the other side is blues and greens.

The Firefly exhibit was the hit of the day.
They could have stayed in here looking at the lights the entire time.

Digital exhibit...this tree changes seasons.

Every changing color light show.

A quick picture at the end of the day...and then they wanted to run for a bit.


Vincent Bronner said...

I love these photographs.
Great job !